Yearly Events

Major Yearly Events at the Monastery

Religious Programs:

Mar: Losar (Tibetan New Year) celebration
Mar: Day of offerings for 5 days (Molam chemo)
June: The annual grand Guyasamaja Sand Mandala Rituals
July: Celebration of H.H the Dalai Lama’s birthday
July: One month vacation
Aug: Summer Retreat
Aug: The annual grand reading of Kagyur Rinpoche 108 volumes
Sept: Annual examination session of all the monks
Nov: The annual grand Yamantaka’s Sand Mandala Rituals for more than two weeks
Dec: Yangdhub pray for 3days
Jan: Making of butter sculpture for Tibetan New Year


Monks in ceremonial costumes performing Puja.


Sand Mandala preparation by the Monks.

Photo Credit :

1/10/13 Ralph Barrera/American-Statesman; Several Buddhist monks from the Drepung Loseling Monastery in India are in Austin to create a five-foot sand mandala in the Blanton Museum of Art's Rapoport Atrium on the University of Texas campus. The exhibition is open to the public for viewing which concludes this Sunday January 13 with the ceremonial dismantling and dispersing of the sand into a nearby body of water. Sand mandalas are unique to Tibetan Buddhism and are created for the healing of living beings and the environment. (feature only)

Photo Credit :

yamantaka sand mandala

A finished Yamantaka Sand Mandala by the monks.

Dipankara Atisha

A finished butter sculpture of the Guru Dipankara Atisha by the monks.


Cymbals used in puja – Photo Credit : Barbara Weibel




Bells and ancient scripts used in puja – Photo Credit : Barbara Weibel


Butter Sculpture


Butter Sculptures for the Tibetan New Year

In addition to all the above programs, Sojong (Healing and Purification’ — the bimonthly practice of confession observed by members of the monastic community. )is performed twice every month.

Here are some recent photos of the monks; in the process of making the butter sculptures for the coming 2016 Tibetan new year in February.

“Carving butter into butter sculptures is an ancient Tibetan Craft which has been passed on from generation to generation. The sculptures are made entirely of butter from Yak’s or Cow’s milk and are displayed during a monastery’s special religious events.

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Below is a video of a Puja at our Monastery attended and shot by Barbara Weibel