Please feel free to contact our monastery’s Administrator Ven. Gyalpo regarding any information that you need.


Ven. Gyalpo has been with the monsastery since 1985. He has gone through monastic training for many years and eventually received novice and Bikkhu ordination. He has served as Umze (ritual and chanting master), and Gekoe (discipline master). Currently he is serving as the Administrator of the monastery for a few years now.

Shree Gaden Dargay-ling Monastery
Tashiling Tibetan Camp P.O. Box 221
Chhorepatan, Pokhara Nepal
Tel: 00977-61-460095
Mobile: 00977-9846033952 e-mail:

Donations of any forms to our to monastery are welcome. Being a small monastery in a remote part of the world and funded by few sponsors and the generosity of the local villagers in exchange for monastic services.

You can also purchase our incense online, made at the monastery in the link below


Our Monastery desperately needs funds for –

Construction of classrooms
At present, we have two batches of monks (one senior & one junior) but there is only one classroom for both. It is difficult for the monks to adjust and study in the same classroom.

Facility for teacher
There is a need for Tibetan and English teachers at the monastery. Due to the shortage of funds, the teachers are too expensive to employ. A separate accommodation for the teachers within the monastery is not possible due to the lack of space.

Education Fund
Furniture and stationery items for our young monks.

Repair and Maintenance
Yearly repair work and maintenance of the monastery.

Food & Clothing
Since most of the monks in the monastery are either orphans or from poor families, they need monastic robes, and warm quilts and blankets for winter. The monks receive food through their monastic services rendered to the small Tibetan community numbering around 170 families. The donation received by these monks is submitted to the monastery, which uses this amount to buy rations for all the inhabitants.

Emergency & Medical
Few of the elderly monks at the monastery are in constant need of medical help. They are malnourished and too poor to afford the right treatments.

General Donations
If you are not in a position to make any special donation to our above needs, your donation in whatever form is welcome. The proceeds from your donation will go directly to educating and taking care of the needs of the monastery’s residents.